A: There are two plywood adhesives . Previously termed "WBP" (Weather and Boil Proof). But if the plywood seldom gets wet, the interior adhesive will be just fine. Standard exterior plywood is bonded using an exterior phenol glue. What Is the Best Plywood Supplier In China? Marine plywood are all WBP plywood. There are other types of WBP plywood available but these are the most common. The specification for this is EN314-2 Class 2. Often, when a client is asking for Marine plywood they actually mean WBP bonded exterior plywood. Marine Plywood. WBP Glue Line-- BS 1088 plywood must use an adhesive, which has been proven to be highly resistant to weather, micro-organisms, cold and boiling water, steam and dry heat. Treating the film faced plywood's edges with waterproof paint makes it highly water-and wear-resistant. Often, when a client is asking for Marine plywood they actually mean WBP bonded exterior plywood. Marine-grade plywood, often simply called marine plywood, is not what it's often claimed to be. Marine plywood: this is manufactured from high quality face and core veneers, in biologically durable hardwoods, incorporating advanced resin technology to give long life in both humid and wet conditions. All surfaced with 25mm WBP external plywood, (it gets wet but drys quickly)so after 7 years a couple of boards (untreated except pva on the edges)showed enough spnonginess to need replacing, so went back to the same merchant (not screwfix)and purchased some new boards, WBP external, less than two years later these same board boards were really de-laminated and dangerous, so along with a … What Is Commercial Plywood or Commercial Ply, Film Faced Plywood CHANTAPLEX Brand Combi Core. It's a very common mistake to describe exterior plywood as "marine plywood." It is also commonly used in construction applications where high performance is required or where the cost of replacement or consequences of failure warrant the additional cost. Incidentally, this is the same adhesive as used in the inexpensive construction CD-X plywood or any other exterior grade or "interior grade with exterior glue" plywood. Structural plywood can be both A and B-Bond type. com.realmagnet.MagnetLeads.init('OrfhmQgk6sGIKGvE9vw'); It's the voids and the severe crossgrain around the knot holes that cause poor adhesion in some areas of CD-X. Usually , people like use WBP glue for exterior plywood , such as Marine plywood, film faced plywood (formwork plywood), structural plywood, plywood for signs and so on . Send Inquiry. function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} That is, it's not waterproof. Marine grade uses exterior adhesive. The glue that's used to bond the veneers together is exactly the same glue as in WBP plywood. This gives the marine plywood the ability to perform better in humid and wet conditions. 'dimension1': 'What is the difference between marine plywood and regular plywood? Regardless of whether it’s British Standard or Australian Standard, a Marine Ply needs to go that extra mile to actually receive the … Waterproof plywood has two kinds of plywood adhesives: inner (proof against common wetting). This glue has been subjected to boiling water for more than an hour without delamination of the plies. gtag('config', 'AW-799896374'); Marine plywood is constructed in the same manner as any other type of plywood you find on the market. If another glue, phenol is used with formaldehyde WBP, water-resistant marine plywood is produced. Gene Wengert, “The Wood Doctor” has been training people in efficient use of wood for 35 years. Often, when a client is asking for Marine plywood they actually mean WBP bonded exterior plywood. WBP glues are made with melamine or phenolic resin. //--> Therefore, a plywood should consist of at least 5 layers. Marine grade has no natural decay resistance. To be considered exterior grade or marine grade, plywood must be made with WBP glue. He is extension specialist emeritus at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. WPB plywood is made and put together as the maker wants, so it could have, and i have seen 2" gaps between the sections of horizontal layers, making he whole sheet a lot weaker than the quality controled Marine ply! Plywood bonded with this glue will not delaminate, even after 72 hours in boiling water. is wbp plywood same as marine plywood ?choose marine or wbp plywood ? The softwood allows for better absorption of the chemicals that protect it from mold and fungi. Marine plywood is manufactured from durable face and core veneers that have few defects. The marine grade plywood must use phenolic glue to make sure that the plywood is water boiling proof (WBP plywood). There are other types of WBP plywood available but these are the most common. The lowest grade … Voids are traps for water and will rot the product from the inside out. 'dimension9': '217489' marine plywood we manufacture the best plywood with heart,for you and forever. 'dimension3': 'undefined', Marine plywood is also able to resist delaminating and fungal growth. ","identifier":"node\/217489","token":"f7c38594f11b8539c91be4eab0f27d53","callbacks":{"onNewComment":["Drupal.disqus.notifyAuthor","Drupal.disqus.notifyAuthor"]}}}); DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS? , this is the identical adhesive. Furthermore, when melamine formaldehyde and urea formaldehyde glue are combined, they are made of plywood resistant to humid environment. If you are in search of plywood types such as water plywood, marine plywood, water contra, birch plywood is for you. The edges will be totally solid. Plywood is a material manufactured from thin layers or "plies" of wood veneer that are glued together with adjacent layers having their wood grain rotated up to 90 degrees to one another. It has a Type A (wbp) phenolic bond glue and is manufactured from woods based on density, bending strength, impact resistance and surface finishing characteristics. In plywood, WBP stands for Weather and Boil Proof, the category of glue used to make the most durable plywood. Above this is "Lloyds Approved". The core of WBP plywood can be marine grade or just ordinary grade. DIY and building shows on television seem to call any plywood "marine plywood." Differences between marine plywood and treated plywood include the types of wood and quality of the individual boards used to build up the panel. 'dimension6': 'track', Wood Industry Market Leader: Bill French, Wood-Mode LLC, U.S. woodworking industry statistics: Who works where. //--> This comes as a surprise to many consumers because OSB looks simply as if lots of pieces of wood were glued together. Face Veneers-- These must present a solid surface that is free from open defects. The standard for marine plywood is BS1088 - bond specification EN314-2 Class 3. But there are more types of WBP glue for general exterior plywood . Marine plywood is strictly a product of Douglas fir and Western larch woods; glue is applied on the surface of marine plywood to keep it waterproof, unlike pressure treated plywood. used for cheap creation cd-x plywood or another exterior grade grade. Is it worth the extra cost for an outdoor project? Often, when a client is asking for Marine plywood they actually mean WBP bonded exterior plywood. 'dimension4': 'What is the difference between marine plywood and regular plywood?