Here are 6 evidence-based benefits of stinging nettle. Most people don’t think of nettle for dogs when they think of a good holistic treatment option, but stinging nettles for dogs really do have a host of herbal properties worth exploring. Hoppe (1975) says to use nettle seeds for skin problems, rheumatism, small wounds and inflammation. The completely dried herb makes a great addition to a good diet – ½ teaspoon per pound of food fed, in dogs, 1/3 teaspoon per pound of food fed in cats. Alternate names. Nettle (aka stinging nettle) is nutritive. What you Need to Know About COVID-19 and Your Dog? Stinging nettle is a kind of small evergreen tree this tree if found in the Pacific Islands of Southeast Asia in Australia, and also in India. Add 2-3 tablespoons dried nettle to 2 cups boiling water. Anti-rheumatic– an umbrella term for an herb that helps musculoskeletal conditions with undefined mechanism. Lastly, he does another Stinging nettle performance for hair loss prevention. ... Dorwest Herbs Elderberry and Nettle Extract for Dogs … The Nettle herb has small hair-like projections that have a stinging effect. References: Herbs for Pets by M.L. Dried nettle leaf provides a vast array of nutrients, vitamins and minerals all in a highly palatable form that can be efficiently used by the body. Next to stinging nettles a plant grows which is called a "milk weed" and you can break it and a whitish liquid comes out which is what people can use for stinging nettle rashes. The completely dried herb can safely be used long term as a tonic - just sprinkle it onto your dog's food (1/2 teaspoon/lb. Thermal Properties: Cool Nettle. 3 ways to get rid of weeds and what to do with stinging nettle When clearing overgrown ground to plant a new garden bed or lawn , extraordinary measures may be required to rid the area of stubborn weeds, brush, brambles, vines and, of course, stinging nettle . Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) has been a staple in herbal medicine since ancient times, such as to treat arthritis and back pain. Then there is a simple nettle anaemia tonic, which helps boost iron levels and is great for women (and men) of all ages. Stinging nettles are a menace and most thin-skinned dogs, such as spaniels and Labradors, suffer badly from stings. Dosage: 1/2 teaspoon for every pound of food daily. Pets on a natural diet will benefit greatly from nettle for dogs, especially those with toxicity problems or digestive issues. This plant can grow as high as 30 cm and about 18 cm wide under the perfect conditions although they can be quite short as well. 10-15-12 I have read online that stinging nettle is considered a miracle food for a dog with kidney disease as in their fresh green seed form they improve kidney function. Mullein seeds are the only part of the plant that are toxic (the seeds contain rotenone ... of the Nettle plant causes temporary stinging via dermatitis (inflammation of the skin – hence the name ‘stinging nettle’). Alternatively, use a tincture of the nettle leaf. There is inconclusive evidence on whether stinging nettle capsules or tablets for allergy relief are better ingested on an empty stomach or not. Also, there is the suggestion by herbalists that nettles for dogs should be used before it reaches that critical flowering stage. Due to a large dose of histamine content, its function as an, An antihistamine for your dog’s allergies (see preventative measures below), To increase iron levels (can be very helpful for anemic dogs). Researchers Close In On Why Big Dogs Die Younger, Study Reveals New Information About Canine Marijuana Toxicity, The Heat is On: Seven Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool, The Old Dog Photo Contest For December 2011. Stinging Nettle (Urtica Dioica) - Stinging Nettle is found growing all across North America and especially in moist, forested soil. The Natural Benefits of Nettle in Dogs. The ‘feel-good’ factor from eating raw dried nettle fruits/seeds is caused by the neurotransmitters acetylcholine nd serotonin, with choline and histamine also found in uncooked nettle venom. Stinging nettle is a plant that grows in North America, Europe, and Africa. Stinging nettle is a blessing for any one who suffers from allergies. Plastic Surgery for Dogs – Pet Owners Going Too Far! Stinging Nettles and Cat Allergies. 4. The common nettle or stinging nettle is a perennial flowering plant native to Europe, temperate parts of Asia and western North Africa. NETTLE Leaf Seeds, Urtica Dioica ,Herb Seeds, Perennial. Nutritive tonic- restores the body and adds nutrients. Read Full Disclaimer. Depurative– cleanses the blood, often helpful for skin and detoxifying. Often considered to be a weed, most people would consider the growth or existence of nettles a nuisance. Buy It Now +C $2.64 shipping. What does it treat? It may be toxic to dogs though, so benadryl gel may be better. I wanted to share this experience because I honestly had no idea that nettle could sting dogs and after reading some more information online, it seems that it mostly affects dogs with short hair (or no hair) and the areas where the skin is really thin (ears, snout, legs, stomach). This rinse (for dark-coated dogs only!) Dogs, humans, and other animals who come into contact with the stinging nettle will experience unpleasant symptoms that can intensify with repeated exposure. The leaves and stems of this plant are covered in fine, tiny hairs. Dosage: 1/2–1 teaspoon of fresh or dried seeds sprinkled into salads, soups, stews, etc. It also has nutritive assets and, it may be surprising to note, can be quite appetizing. Thanks for the fascinating chat, Kim and Vicky! Nettle (Urtica dioica) Nettle is added to Meatsnax Dental+, JointAid+ and AntiWormer+ for its benefits to the skin, hair, kidney, liver and blood. But getting past that opening tingle – and the little blisters that may come with it – can lead to a wealth of natural healing. The leaves of a mature plant have margins that are coarsely toothed, that sit on the ends of short stalks with the surface of the leaves covered in stinging hairs. From Poland. What does it treat? The common nettle or stinging nettle is a perennial flowering plant native to Europe, temperate parts of Asia and western North Africa. For a nutritional boost that’s not hard on the system, this is a helpful plant. Overview. Stinging nettle is native to Europe, Asia, northern Africa, and western North America, and has also been introduced to other areas. Clearly, stinging nettle is not for everyone. Some herbal treatments actually use the root, although this is not common. Nettle seeds have a more specific use then the leaves. Stinging Nettle Root 10:1 Pure Extract 750mg (Equivalent to 7500mg Raw Stinging Nettle Root) Promotes Prostate & Urinary Tract Health - 100 Vegetarian Capsules 4.5 out of 5 stars 673 $20.70 $ 20 . Benefits. Note: Please note that we no longer respond to questions in the comment section of our blog. It’s a member of a botanical family which numbers more than two thousand plants. Urtica. It has a long history of use, particularly as a traditional medicine. Nettle (Urtica dioica) is also known as stinging nettle, common nettle or nettle leaf. Cover the barrel with a lid because this liquid will have a strong smell! I really appreciate your insights into the beloved stinging nettle. Make a good strong tea from the leaves and allow it to cool completely. The reluctance to use this plant is understandable, as direct contact by touching it can produce a painful and troublesome effect. Labradors and spaniels suffer badly from stinging nettles. Nettle Seed Whole . Use a dropper to apply the nettle eye wash to the affected eye, 2-3 times daily, until the redness in the eye disappears. Its secret lies in the nutritional boost it gives the body as well as the anti-inflammatory action of its leaf. Health Benefits of Stinging Nettles for Dogs. Stinging Nettle. My favorite things to make with nettles are quiche, soup, pesto, stir fry, nettle infused vinegar, and use nettle seeds as a seasoning/topping on recipes. can improve your dog's hair and coat condition.
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