10. NO CHUCHO VALDES!!!!!!!!!!!! Tommy Flanagan was good but not good enough to keep up with John Coltrane on GIANT STEPS. A founding father of an accessible, R&B-inflected form of instrumental music called smooth jazz, Grusin is rare among the best jazz pianists for having also set up his own record label, GRP, in 1978. Joe Zawinul 2. Your email address will not be published. Old hands playing very sweet music.. No Eliane Elias? Patrice Rushin? No armenian piano player either. Wow, Bill Evans before Oscar Peterson. Born and raised in Detroit, Harris, whose mother played piano in church, was an early starter, taking up his chosen instrument at the age of four. What makes a great pianist, in any style of music, is not how fast or how many notes he can play, but his ability to develop the richest variety of colors. It’s hard to take seriously a top 36 jazz pianists list that doesn’t include Mary Lou Williams…. The best online piano lessons for you will keep you feeling motivated to develop your skills and make the process of learning to play piano less intimidating. 16 Herbie Hancock That is a strange number? and Oscar Peterson has had his moments (Blues for the Prairies, Hogtown Blues etc) – his rubato is pretty good too. 21: Teddy Wilson (1912-1986) By the 30s, she was working as a freelance arranger, writing charts for Earl Hines, Benny Goodman and, later, Duke Ellington. Shelly Berg? What about them? By 13, he was playing professionally, and at 18 recorded the first of many LPs. He was there at the start of modern jazz with Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis etc. Scott Joplin is on this list. I have seen live Count Basie, Duke Ellington with their Bands, Earl “Fatha” Hines (Solo). Evans’ influence – like Bud Powell’s before him – was pervasive, and many future jazz piano stars (from Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea to Keith Jarrett and, more recently, Brad Mehldau) are indebted to him. Required fields are marked *. Though revered by the critics, Byard’s unique sound was less well-received by the public, but he remains one of the best jazz pianists in history, not only because of his impact on jazz in general, but also in relation to his role in the evolution of the piano itself. Next thing someone is going to put Kenny G in the same category as Steve Lacey and Dave Liebman for best Jazz soprano sax !? 50: Lennie Tristano (1919-1978) Erroll Garner, Dave Brubeck, “Count” Basie, “Fats ” Waller & “Duke” Ellington not in the top ten….”SCANDALOUS” ! In his heyday, in the early years of the 20th Century, Joplin was crowned King Of Ragtime, a jaunty, syncopated style of music that was an amalgam of African-American and Western European music. Contemporary pianists who claim to have been influenced by him include Chick Corea and Brad Mehldau. Sadly, Timmons’ career was cut short, at 38, by his chronic alcoholism. From Allentown, Pennsylvania, Jarrett started playing piano at the age of two and rapidly blossomed into a precociously gifted child prodigy steeped in classical music. They have been forgotten in the list? Barry Harris? Hired for his impeccable musical taste and sonic eloquence, Jones’ myriad sideman credits ranged from Dizzy Gillespie and Dexter Gordon to Anita O’Day and Marilyn Monroe. Charlie’s Reply: “AL HAIG!”, The very underestimated Dave MacKenna could be mentionned here. I’m astonished, that nobody referred Hampton Hawes. Between Chucho and Art Tatum a toss up as #1..2-3 Oscar. In that case, why not make a list of the top 88 greatest jazz pianists ? 7 Bud Powell Given his fame in the 50s as a pop singer with a silky croon, it’s perhaps not surprising that many often forget that Alabama-born Cole was also one of the best jazz pianists of his time. Tatum, Evans, Bud Powell. Native New Yorker Thomas “Fats” Waller didn’t live to see his 40th birthday (he succumbed to pneumonia at 39), but nevertheless proved to be an influential pianist, particularly for his contribution to the evolution of the highly rhythmic stride style, an important foundation stone in jazz piano. POR LO VISTO NO ENTRAN MUJERES, LAS MENCIONADAS Y HAZEL SCOTT. His propulsive, dynamic style, with its dazzling finger-work, exerted a profound influence on both Duke Ellington’s and George Gershwin’s approach to the piano. Myriad pianists have fallen under Evans’ spell, including Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarrett and, more recently, Brad Mehldau. Yes let’s expand this to 88 pianists and not rank them. Mobile Phone Repair, Mobile Phones (514) 284-2355. 3 McCoy Tyner Very under-appreciated album. A list of the ten greats certainly would include James P Johnson Calm down now. Also… a very important point, he and his band, “The Dave Brubeck Quartet” were the first ones to really compose, promote, and perform very difficult and amazing time signatures that were very progressive for that time. Another hallmark of the Texan’s singular style was his use of two-handed block chords. These are all all great pianists but there are probably many we never heard of and some who were excluded . 5 Oscar Peterson This studio provides lessons to beginners and advanced level students from the age of four and above. If you don’t dig what his qualities as a pianist were then you don’t dig what jazz and blues are about. 1-Thelonious Monk Other than that, might as well throw darts. Dave Grusiin and Bob James? A bunch of rock musicians ????? From 1943 onwards, it was Cole’s voice that drew more acclaim, however, and his success as a singer went on to eclipse his piano playing. 3: Nat King Cole But his playing is mechanical and soulless. As already pointed out by other folks here, there a few important omissions: Mal Waldron, Brad Mehldau, Don Friedman, Barry Harris, Lenny Tristano, Mary Lou Williams, Marian McParland……. 38: Mary Lou Williams (1910-1981) If you take into account his composing and his position as a pioneer of bebop he should certainly be near the top but as pianist solely, not #2, really not Top 10. Basie also said that Hines was, “The greatest piano player in the world”. They all have their own style. 6. My other 50% is Polish (some people call me a POWOP). Nat King Cole was one of Ahmad Jamal’s favorites. As good as Duke was at composing, I believe that most people have not noted that he wrote the simplest tune (melody) in the history of music. Though influenced by Bill Evans, Hancock forged his own style in the 60s, both as a solo artist and as a member of Miles Davis’ pathfinding post-bop quintet. They surely must be up there with the best. For me there is Art Tatum, Oscar Peterson and then everybody else. Though Miles Davis tried to poach him (Zawinul worked on Miles’ groundbreaking In A Silent Way and Bitches Brew albums at the end of the 60s), the pianist stayed with Cannonball until 1970 and then co-founded famed fusion pioneers Weather Report. Bill Evans is the greatest of all jazzpinaist.Oscar Petersson as you mentionedmissused his tecnical ability.and his playing sterotype and you could foresight until boring.what happens.Bill evans had an nusicality creativity and a deep the is unmatched by any player.His beautifully sound and inovativ chord and sofisticated rythm was outstanding.He manged to allways play with such an high level despite his drug problem.He was a genious that contributed to the music as the great classical composers. You can always make the case for any of these folks but as time goes on people forget the greats of a somewhat earlier day. The Elegant Harp is a professional harpist that has been performing and instructing in Columbus, Ohio since 1999. He played as a sideman for Billy Eckstine and Charlie Parker, and was in bluesman Eddie Vinson’s band alongside a young John Coltrane. Art Tatum (1909-1956) At the pinnacle of our list of the 50 best jazz pianists of all time is the man … I’d have moved Dave Brubeck up the list a bit as he was the first Jazz artist to really help Jazz get into the main stream by aggressively touring the college circuit in the 50’s and popularizing Jazz with the younger crowds. 5 Paul Bley I love Joshua Rifkin’s _performances_ of Scott Joplin, but they don’t make him a jazz pianist. 7 Every other jazz pianist, @anyone that hasn’t heard Mal Waldron – First Encounter yet, I’d love to hear your thoughts. (The lives of other Romantic composers–Schubert, Schumann, etc.–are equally dark.). 2. No Kenny Barron but you have that crackpot Keith Jarrett on this list?…… Please……, As with all harmonic instruments (and probably even melodic ones) there are so many elements in playing them). Here it is. what about Hiromi ? With the amount of basic piano chords and patterns you can create, if you don’t have a game plan you’ll practice forever.. 36: Andrew Hill (1931-2007) Herbie Nichols At least Art is no1, but Oscar, Bud and Bill should be 2,3,4…. As Leonard Feather wrote in The Encyclopedia of Jazz when ranking pianists, Monk’s influence was primarily as a composer and a leader, not an instrumentalist. ridiculous list: Crusin, Kirkland, all these “Jazzrock” losers. Plenty more good jazzpianists! No Fred Hersch? "One of the best jazz piano books I've ever seen - very easy to … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXHYy3f93uo. Lessons include a unique online program that helps make learning a fun experience, as well as musical activities like the Music for Little Mozarts™ program for children aged three to five. Being an Old Cool Cat, I think that it is difficult to choose the top 50 let alone 36! He played on Trane’s totemic 1960 masterpiece, Giant Steps, and as a sideman also featured on significant LPs by Sonny Rollins (Saxophone Colossus) and guitarist Wes Montgomery (The Incredible Jazz Guitar Of Wes Montgomery). Play the Piano in the Comfort of Your Home. 7.Alan Toussant I mean Brubeck should be in the top 5, and Dave Grusin in the top 10 just based on the contribution they have made to jazz over the years. This is a reply to a to someone above who stated that Lennie Tristano was not on the list and mentioned the name Dave Burrell. He is also a graduate of the same program that I graduated from (YORK UNIVERSITY, BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS-MUSIC MAJOR). If you need confirmation of this, go see the wonderful 1 hr docu on Hines @ https://vimeo.com/58414566. 47: Duke Pearson (1932-1980) 7: Bud Powell (1924-1966) 27 Wynton Kelly What about Herbie Nichols and Kenny Drew, both of them brilliant pianists. When Memphis musicians and friends of Newborn first heard players like Bud Powell, they were not impressed because anything Bud did, Newborn could do more easily. Together with James P Johnson and Fats Waller, William Henry Joseph Bonaparte Bertholoff Smith (to give him his full name) was a noted practitioner of the stride style of playing. Look out Bill Evans!! he was left handed and ambidextrous, he often fuses classical elements into his improvisation, this man really revolutionized jazz piano ,the no.10 Ahmad Jamal said Erroll Garner and Maurice Ravel were the supreme melodists of the 20th century, most of these top jazz pianists list will always be like art tatum- herbie hancock-bill evans so and so, I mean they are good, but people need to listen to more music. He definitely should be included among the greats! Yes, if you listen to the superb 1946 Sinatra recording of “Sweet Lorraine” with the Metronome All-Stars, Cole’s piano is wonderful. Erroll said ”playing is like life -either you feel it or you dont” -so true. there are so many out there. Gene Harris should be among the best 10!!! Eddie Palmieri, Chucho Valdez should be on the list. Consistently approachable and responsive, so customers never feel ignored. A history of delighted customers and outstanding service. I think it was please some of you (and it includes 3 females in the top 36.) Me too. She is much admired by jazz pianists and the few jazz radio stations that still exist (e. g., KCSM). Here he is with MICHAEL BRECKER. Nat King Cole was marvelous. On one episode, he plays a nice version of GEORGIA and on another plays a more classical oriented piece. You should be ashamed! As a teacher, this capable Philadelphia pianist can count Maynard Ferguson pianist Earl MacDonald, and recent Blue Note signing Aaron Parks, as his star pupils. Monk could have played like Tatum. From Brooklyn, New York, Kirkland had a fruitful association with the Marsalis brothers, Wynton and Branford, in the 80s and 90s, appearing as a sideman on many of their albums. 18: Tommy Flanagan (1930-2001) Private lessons include cello, clarinet, drum and percussion, flute, guitar, piano, saxophone, violin, and voice. Not sure what category he goes in. Waller was also an organist and composer whose repertoire included the immortal tunes ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’’ and ‘Honeysuckle Rose.’. About best online jazz piano lessons best online jazz piano lessons provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. I can’t be bothered rereading to make sure I am absolutely right, because nothing is going to help you. Born in New York, he rose to fame in the 20s as an accompanist of blues singers. Tete Montoliu belongs very high on the list. Explore other popular stores near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers. After watching the Jazz Piano Foundations course, you will be familiar with 7th chords, the 251 progression, … Before Andrew Hill?Cecil Taylor no 34?Keith Jarrett no 8?I think both three could be a little bit Higher.And Craig Taborn should be for sure on the list!Because I am not a sexist I can not forget of course one of my favorite Marilyn Crispell! “The Sermon”was a game changer. Ellis Marsalis is a trumpet man, I believe. I can’t agree with this list. I am glad that you did NOT include Ramsey Lewis. He made his first recording in 1945, but it was in the 50s, after he joined jazz impresario Norman Granz’s Verve label and led a piano trio, that he became a household name. Any list without Billy Taylor has no credibility. 4 Dave Brubeck Thanks Herman. The theory lessons cover the fundamentals of jazz piano including basic scales and chords, common progressions such as major 251s and minor 251s and also chord extensions and alterations. Anyway I’m positive that Tete Montoliu should be somewhere in this list. As one of the charter members of The Modern Jazz Quartet, a pioneering group that fused bebop with classical music aesthetics, Lewis was an influential musician whose gleaming, staccato piano style was indebted to Count Basie and saxophonist Lester Young. Even simpler than MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB: Jan Johansson should be on this list. Though influenced by Thelonious Monk and Art Tatum, Hill forged his own distinctive and complex style, both as a pianist and composer. While I don’t agree with all the choices/rankings (who does??) Massa Music Studio has received many warm testimonials from students and families who have benefited from Jamie's kindness and expertise. Damn it! Indeed, whittling it down was not an easy task, but we’ve persevered and come up with a list names that we believe represent the most important ivory-ticklers of the genre. House Music is a full service musical instrument store and lesson provider located in Lancaster, Ohio that has been family-owned and operated since 1872. Though he’s an undoubted master of the electric Fender Rhodes keyboard (which dominated his classic 70s records), in recent years James has returned to the acoustic piano. Providing service with honesty, reliability, and respect. A poet as well as a pianist/composer, this New Yorker was a leading light of the avant-garde movement in the late 50s and early 60s. Our goal is to connect people with the best local experts. As one of the great Monk fans of all-time, owning every single one of his recordings (okay not the very latest film music release yet, but until then) having an all-Monk ensemble in college that I arranged 35 of his comps for, and my primary influence as a jazz pianist, to rank him #2 jazz pianist is crazy. Here are my thoughts: BRAD MEHLDAU. Without a doubt I would add Phineas Newborn and Brad Mehldau to that list, and I could easily leave out Bob James and Dave Grusin. Alexander Von Schlippenbach, Aki Takase, Marilyn Crispell, Paul Bley, Joel Futterman, Connie Crothers, Stanley Cowell, Sun Ra, Fred Van Hove, Mal Waldron, Misha Mengelberg, Don Pullen, Alice Coltrane and so many more. who he couldnt tell the difference -Linton his brother said he couldnt play one bar like Erroll -strangely, but he was a fine player himself and played trumpet in Dukes band;what a family! I enjoy Monk’s music but I wouldn’t put him at number two. 9. He was born in France but with a last name like that, his father probably is/was (?) 25 Kenny Kirkland And Shirley Horn should be on the list. For many, Detroiter Thomas Lee Flanagan’s name is synonymous with saxophone giant John Coltrane. Each provider is evaluated based on the quality and quantity of their reviews, their presence on multiple review sites, and their average minimum rating. Even she wouldn’t think she should be on this list! He was described by Leonard Feather in the 1950’s as the greatest American born pianist of his day (after Art died). I think that an even 100 would be even better. Hazel Scott Duke Ellington! Nina Simone on keys as great a pure pianist as anyone? Lenny Tristano! As well as explaining the underlying idea, I give examples of how the theory applies in practice. And the arguing goes on! I do not know who wrote this list and where he will take the information but a bit disappointing …. Lists such as these are never definitive but are made to be debated and argued; to think of them in any other way is pointless. We scored Columbus Piano Teachers on more than 25 variables across five categories, and analyzed the results to give you a hand-picked list of the best. I wonder if people know just how good Al Haig was. After Tatum , Monk and Evans its hard to set a pecking order, but the author needs to listen to Newborn; he was way ahead of many of the contemporaries listed. 30: Hank Jones (1918-2010) Influenced by Teddy Wilson and Bud Powell, Brooklyn-born Kelly is best remembered for his association with Miles Davis between 1959 and 1961 (he played on the iconic 1959 LP Kind Of Blue). I still can’t fathom how VInce Guaraldi didn’t get on the list. Come on. Há outros e bem melhores!!! Someone will always come along and refute it. Lists are a good way of focusing the mind, by making us consider who else could be there. Hmmm, has anyone ever actually heard Scott Joplin play?? Check out Brad’s second half solo in UNION DUES BLUES. It’s a list, limited to 50 (up from 36, which is an improvement), and it’s not intended as a scientific ranking. I cannot believe that everyone is forgetting about one pianist that a lot of people think is just a notch lower than Oscar Peterson: ( These are the pianists who define jazz today. C.A. Jacques Loussier, John Lewis, Dave Brubeck, Oscar Petersen with their groups. And Brad Mehldau, of course. Check out Ellington’s and Juan Tizol’s Caravan if you want to see what it is like to muscially pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time. Though no recordings of Joplin exist, his status as one of history’s best jazz pianists is assured, thanks in part to piano rolls and sheet music from the time, illustrating his unique style, which went on to influence James P Johnson. HOUSE is played by the great actor and multi-instrumentalist HUGH LAURIE. It had many of my favorites. Originally from Quebec, Canada, Peterson was a classically-trained child prodigy who fell under the influence of Art Tatum and Nat “King” Cole. Inspired to take up jazz after hearing Fats Waller’s ‘Honeysuckle Rose’, Austrian-born Zawinul ventured to the US in 1959, where he immediately made his mark as a pianist and composer in Cannonball Adderley’s band. There’s a japanese pianist probably nobody knows, but i believe he should be on this list, not for any revolutionary turn he gave to jazz piano playing, which i don’t think he did, but just for the sheer beaulty of his music. What? Hampton Hawes is another deserving pianist who both Art Tatum and Oscar Peterson admired so greatly. No Ellis Larkins? Gonzalo Rubalcaba TV fans are probably aware of the TV series HOUSE. Moreover, Bill kept the flame going, traveling round the world, too busy to go into a recording studio. Here is just a sampling of his work and there is much more on youtube. Because all those pianists you mention as in”but what about?”, are all on this list,except for Alice Coltrane. Diana Krall? This is a sorry list of the greatest jazz pianist. No Marion McPartland? Eddie, you need to give Diana Krall another listen. There’s a good case that Bill is a Top 10 pianist, but that’s when the lauding should end. He wasn’t a jazz pianist and he was more of a composer than a performer anyways. He swung like no other. OLIVER JONES!!! Nat King Cole, was probably better known for his vocals, than being a piano player. 49: Kenny Kirkland (1954-1998) I rate him up with Monk and far better than Art Tatum in his jazz input. The ranking is ridiculous (Monk for 2nd etc…) IMO. Emerging in the bebop dawn of the mid-to-late 40s, he pursued his own idiosyncratic path, creating a unique musical universe where angular but hummable melodies, dissonant cluster chords, and a lightly-swinging rhythmic pulse ruled. or Geri Allen (R.I.P.) After hearing a few songs I just want to move on to someone with with some heart in their playing. Duke should be in the top ten…wish he had recorded a solo album…. 3: Bill Evans (1929-1980) One guess where Previn got his inspiration!! Grusin and James (nice people!) Italian. easily qualifies for the top 10! I did pick up a few names that I will make an effort to find for my own listening pleasure. PianoGroove jazz piano lessons can be broadly split into 2 categories: theory lessons and jazz standard lessons. (yeah, McPartland, Dearie and Les McCann should NOT have been supplanted by anyone) Hell, even Jose Iturbi was a better jazz pianist than some of these listees. While Herbie Hancock and McCoy Tyner certainly deserve to be there, they should not be in front of Bud Powell. Really like the different posts mentioning those left off the list, especially the more “obscure” and “forgotten” players like Bobby Enriquez (who I vividly remember seeing at Newport) and Dorothy Donnegan. You have Bob James and Cecil Taylor on this list, but you do not have Elmo Hope? Sadly, his life was blighted by drug addiction, which hastened his premature death at the age of 43. You should be familiar with the Spanish language: It is Gonzalo Rubalcaba from Cuba. Hazel Scott etc.,etc. He spent two years with Charles Mingus, as well working with Eric Dolphy and Roland Kirk. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, everyone hears beautiful music as it appeals to their ear. That was the year he recorded his debut album for Blue Note, and he went onto become one of the best jazz pianists the iconic label signed. 3. 26: Willie “The Lion” Smith (1897-1973) Mulgrew Miller needs to be in there definitively. It’s music that cements Bill Evans’ place as one of the 2 most important musicians in the 2nd half of jazz history. I’ll second the nominations of Jimmy Rowles, and even stronger, Hampton Hawes. But he was all arpeggio and flash . Jarrett behind Monk? Plus, Diana Krall happens to be married to my favorite musical artist of all time, Mr. Elvis Costello! Pianists are musicians and musicians are artists and not marathon runners, tennis players or race car drivers. a must in the list. This instructor conducts private and group piano lessons that are individually tailored to fit each of their students. Enjoying a long association with Alfred Lion and Frank Wolff’s outfit, he not only recorded his own music, but worked as an in-house arranger and A&R man. And rock no less! Phineas Newborn Maybe swap with Monk… Especially when you’re a beginner. How about Lenny Tristano? A retired college math teacher, Jane (former … Grusin went on to become a prolific composer of movie scores (among them On Golden Pond and The Fabulous Baker Boys) and has also released a raft of keyboard-oriented studio albums. Best jazz piano lessons in Montreal, QC. 8. the astounding Bill Evans. Two other people mentioned Clare Fischer. 32: Sonny Clark (1931-1963) No Paul Bley??? Thanks to you, Talking Stein, I went there ….. and No Thank You! Magicians of the boogie woogie. Visually impaired from infancy, Ohio-born Tatum learned to play the piano by ear as a child and, blessed with perfect pitch, quickly excelled at the instrument. and Marilyn Crispell! And there is no way he should be higher up the list than Bud Powell. TERRY TROTTER??!!! All men? 10: Ahmad Jamal (Born 1930) DUKE JORDAN, AL HAIG, SIR WALTER BISHOP, RED GARLAND, JUST TO NAME A FEW MISSING ARTISTS. 4: Herbie Hancock (Born 1940) Jane. I think these lists are made up to include aspirants so when their agents or publicists are spinning they can through out the bomb ‘…they’ve been included in the Best Of …List’ and to wannabe enthusiasts it is the ultimate and for the lovers it’s a crime of omission. I really think this is difficult work. So he has to be right up there and is my favourite primarily because of his unique musicianship and his unmatched intros-beat that! http://www.ranker.com/list/greatest-jazz-pianists-of-all-time/ranker-music Be careful with actually trying to join Ranker, though. Brad Mehldau? But the piano has played an important role in the development of the genre, both as a spotlighted solo instrument and due to its role in the rhythm section, and the world’s best jazz pianists have elevated it to a crucial element of any jazz ensemble. 21 Teddy Wilson Patrice Rushin? Yes! Ville-Marie “Located in the Eaton Centre, this is a cellphone (and not sure what else) repair kiosk. Describing his approach to piano, Flanagan once said, “I like to play like a horn player, like I’m blowing into the piano.” Though he was a valued sideman, he also made a slew of albums under his own name for a raft of different labels between 1957 and 1997. Open Now. Yes you’re right Sans vouloir oublier le passé, (je me souviens des concert live de Michel a Miramas et sur le port de Cassis)… Did someone forget Marian McPartland? Device Care. BTW, no Denny Zeitlin? Yes, he diversifies his talent with bass and vibes but still deserves to be on the list of the greatest pianists. An eclectic, versatile pianist who also played saxophone, Massachusetts-born Byard’s own music drew on everything from ragtime to free jazz and also covered all styles in between. You can’t have a list like this and leave off Al Haig!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fa99q-vq4bI&list=OLAK5uy_k7M-0PcT5vtPSusxNDlUYOkkVOJEwZ5vM&index=10. Let me know what you think once you have listened and then tell me he shouldn’t be in this list, close to the top! They also seem to find the perfect balance between restraint and expressivity while the others are simply on another level. I’d include Herbie Nichols, Richard Twardzik. Here is the definitive list of jazz piano lessons near your location as rated by your neighborhood community.

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