Some semblance of the real vampire community has existed since at least the early to mid-1970s, but my own dealings began in 2009 when I entered the New Orleans community clinging to my digital voice recorder. My 10 year old was scared but Jonathan was great at answering questions and he didn't seem to be bothered by it. Aside for the obvious, they're just trying to live out their existence to the best of their ability, and, like humans, some are good, and some are evil. New Orleans, however, known for its southern hospitality, has always found the most heartfelt way to care for its people. New Orleans has a reputation as a home for creatures of the night. He did, according to some accounts, claim to be a son of Francis II Rakoczi, Prince of Transylvania. Cemeteries in New Orleans are quite picturesque—not only are they more ornate than the rest of the nation's, but they inter many generations of one family inside one vault. melanie the vamp reader on July 19, 2011: i haven't been on and im srry but if uve seen my posts u will see my story on my friend "alexandra" if u have an opinion and would like to tell me email me at thank u and email me thank u. The only wanderers were derelicts who roamed the city in search of a little easy work for something to eat. from $19.97* $21.25. I had made a note the there were no balconies, fire escapes or walk ways on my first few trips in and out. I know that he was into some heavy stuff like this article. It is unclear how or when the myth of the "casket girls" began, but the story continues to haunt tourists and believers to this day. The Count Saint Germain: "The man who knows everything and who never dies.". Love New Orleans Vampires..keep the stories coming!! It is a very strange place indeed. I don't really know i should believe on vampires or not i'm confused i just wanna meet them atleast one time please don't think that i'm phsyco or something but if just if any vampire is seeing this I'm not a threat I Know about u i just wanna meet after that u can compele me or something like that i live in pakistan sadiqabad i wanna see u vampires tell me i'm right please, I've seen on in a dream and in an alley way. Dr. Peter Carl Graffagnion, a student at the time, reflects on the 1930s in his journal. Use your brains and believe only what makes sense and what you can test and know to be true. He is still a man of great conversational skill. Fast forward to New Orleans, Louisiana, and there appears a man by the name of Jacques Saint Germain in the early 20th century. The Forgotten History of Two New Orleans Vampires The Carter Bros.. Caroline Forbes FAN on December 15, 2018: Guys. My shall we say lifetimes umong my kind is very unique.although are greatest talent would be that humans simply refuse to accept the fact we do exist and that being is how we survive. I mainly want to pick the brains of the tour guides, and anyone with evidence and history, documented. Vampire stories stretch back to France in the illustrious 1700s when there was a mysterious man who charmed the courts of Europe. Never lots of it, and its almost always my own blood. if these coffins are in that building why don't the police investigate that lead and seek out that truth.with all these murders and disappearances.Why ? If only he'd just leave these things alone, I would still have my son. I want to find them one day just give me about 6 more years and I will uncover this mistory. Otherwise i might have to end your wretched existance. The man you speak of in France and N.O. Plate specials and private suppers are frequently hosted by families asking under ten dollars a plate for a healthy portion, and daily specials all throughout the city for traditional New Orleans cuisine are plentiful, even in modern-day New Orleans. However, it is also considered one of the most haunted cities in the U.S.A. I just want to find one so that i can become one and so i can be strong. I never went on any of the tours but I watched them meet on Bourbon St. in front of Lafitte's blacksmith shop bar. Popular books, movies and television shows have cemented the city's connection to vampires in the public imagination. 2,882 Reviews. I parked in that side street because that was the first bar we were going. Think about the urge to want to rip out someone's jugular. They were gone. No legit vampire is going to admit to being a vampire, so to answer your question, not likely. Historically, these women were referred to as “casquette girls,” in reference to the small chests in which they carried their clothing in other belongings. Police also found about 14 dead bodies. Hmm.... Maybe you will be my next victim. Also - as of recent the Lalaurie mansion was found to have a construction crew inside, as well as a set of cameras, and other audio and visual equipment in the last 2 hours. No one knew anything about his family, where he came from, or who he was. So you don't age, youll be the same age as you were even if your in a holding spell forever. They spoke very little and gave no concern for their victims’ well-being. Haunted New Orleans presents vampire legends and lore in the Big Easy. Why do all you people want to be like "us" it is nothing like you think... Hey you hunt, if your not one why try to incurring others to become one you have no idea what it's like. New Orleans Ghost, Voodoo & Vampire Walking Tour. NOVA is governed by a council, which is comprised of members of seven “houses” that serve as sects of denominations reflecting various aspects of NOVA’s community values. New Orleans Vampire Walking Tour cancellation policy: For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the start date of the experience. What makes New Orleans so special is the nightlight, charm, culture and so much history. The organization accepts all paradigms, or denominations of sorts, of those who identify as vampires. The association was formed in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. John and Wayne Carter were brothers. On the other hand I happen to think studying vampire's would be quite interesting, I never used to believe but reading, and coming up with theory's is really making my head spin, Aright look i know why u guys are here u seen the originals or the vampire diaries,lol its funny how this Mr guy is sounding like hes a vamp but C'mon man grow up, i want to be a vampire and i always want to be one. I remember walking those streets and not seeing one single person but felt eyes on me and dark energy all around. I used to be a street kid in New Orleans during the 90's. New Orleans' Vampires For more than 20 years, nightlife entrepreneur Father Sebastiaan has thrown an elaborate, annual weekend festival in New Orleans, Louisiana, right around Halloween. Popular books, movies and television shows have cemented the city's connection to vampires in public imagination. In the 1930s, for a vampire, stalking vagabonds would likely have been the most reliable source of food. New Orleans is " The Most Haunted City" in the United States with rich paranormal history like no other place. Some people just have a better ability than others to pick up on who is and who is not. He fits every description of the Comte above: Around 40 years of age with heavy money bags, the most fascinating of dinner guests, and still a complete mystery. I know they are real life witches go spells and hex’s and voodoo by doing potions herbs and dolls but they don’t have magic and are also psychic to Cause deal with one or the orther for many yrs and my results they all come True and I pay for what I get but remember don’t ever do bad on someone because they’re always a price to pay at the end never happened to me but that’s what I was told so I do always good for myself. Anyway, this was really interesting, thanks for sharing with us. Marita Woywod Crandle, proprietor of Boutique du Vampyre, New Orleans, and author of New Orleans Vampires: History and Legend (2017), seen here during a book signing at the Vampire Lounge & Tasting Room, Beverly Hills, December 11, 2017. You'll never know who and what you're gonna see. The brothers would then redress the wounds with fresh bandages. The girl claimed that she was only able to escape due to her captors’ carelessness in securing her ropes. It is possible that a young girl may have witnessed the capture of such a derelict and the Carter brothers had no choice but to take the youngster hostage as well. Food was cheap; a “poor-boy” sandwich (a half loaf of French bread sliced longitudinally, spread with mayonnaise, and packed with hot roast beef and fixings) cost 25 cents; a five or six course lunch at Maylie’s or Tujague’s was 50 cents; and in the lake front spots at West End near Bucktown you could eat your fill of boiled shrimp or crabs or crawfish for almost nothing and wash them down with a nickel glass of beer. Popular books, movies and television shows have cemented the city's connection to vampires in public imagination. Perhaps it was the drastic changing environment in New Orleans that ultimately led to their demise. The unmistakable suffocating odor of death permeated the apartment. The Casket Girls and Vampires of New Orleans By #FolkloreThursday . About the history of vampires and other supernatural creatures settled in the city of New Orleans and even though I've never been, reading about it makes me want to go and see for myself if there could a possibility that confirm the existence of vampires. Who wants to help me find real vampires? I am a baby of the vampire. Catch sight of spirits and tantalize yourself with tales of witchcraft during a walking tour of New Orleans. Most of "us" are HIGHLY educated. I am not being condescending or sarcastic. so do vampires still exsist til this day? All victims had their wrists wrapped with bandages, moist and stained with blood. Stay human its the purest form. If vampires truly had been in New Orleans at the time, it would surely have been easy to feast. Some of those found in the Carter brothers' apartment had been there for more than seven days. is Cartaphilus not a vampire. The next morning, the reporters' equipment was found strewn about on that street outside, and there on the convent's front steps were found the almost decapitated bodies of these two men. One night after I had been out exploring in the FQ I came back and climbed into bed. I've become lore'd into the '78 cult case in front of the St. Marys Assumption Church (next to the Old Ursaline Convent). It was the 1930s during the Great Depression and times were hard, so a man worked all he could. Rumors swirled about the fate of the Casket Girls, a group of mysterious maidens traveling to the New World from France with peculiar casket-shaped boxes. In the year 1942, Damon Salvatore lived in New Orleans with a woman named Charlotte, who, he had turned into a vampire after she had begged him to do so. Visiting NOLA for me was a strange mix of Nostalgia and Déjà Vu. One day, a girl was reported to have escaped from the Carter brothers' apartment and run to the authorities. His wealth was unfathomable: He carried gems around in his clothing and no one knew how he came into such wealth. However, research indicates that these legends are completely unsupported by historical evidence. Let's just say vampires are real and they do exist because they do just know that we are always watching and we do lurk and stay in the shadows but not always and we are not afraid of anything and if someone dare try to kill us then we will do some horrible things that you could ever imagine it will be like hell and i wont tell you who i am and and why am i telling you this right now but one more thing we are not goths we do not wear makeup that's stupid and we really hate people that they think their vampires because it's not funny their just wannabe vampires and we are nice and their are some mean vampires and we do make business and we make deals with the witches well that's all i could tell you, Nice all but I want to know how to do black magic, i beileve that whether u want to or not things in our world exist and sometimes if not most beware what you wish for. Rue Royal and Ursaline st.? but Brian is no longer with us. Two more bodies wrapped in blankets were tucked away in yet another room. It happened 3 years ago when I was in the woods at night. If you were an immortal would you want to be found out. People are not so sure because the vampires cover their tracks. I was dosing off and went into sleep paralysis, I had a very strange dream that little slave boys were chasing me on an old dusty farm, all the while I could feel lips on the back of my neck. Picture: Brian Cohen. I left out on foot to see the sights of Mardi Gras in the French Quarter, and it was around Midnight when I decided to do this. None of your business on September 11, 2018: I think vamps are horrible monsters and need to be exterminated. Unaware that the girl had escaped, John and Wayne Carter went about their routine as usual. They are very scary. Ha. Whatever that was it was creepy. lol. To the "Mr" guy who claims to be a "vampire": STOP IT. they are ruthless beings who will do anything to satiate their thirst for human blood. Years later, in 1978, two amateur reporters demanded that the convent's priest let them in to see these coffins. Frequently bought together. New Orleans Swamp and Bayou Boat Tour with Transportation. Keep garlic on their doors, and do not go into the woods. Everyone who supports me, write on The part about Felipe in the Carter Brothers story is bogus. The New Orleans Pharmacy Museum reveals what may have fueled the supernatural folklore around vampires. I was staying in a hotel that was very close to the FQ in the business district. Yes, eternal life sounds great but think about the killing. The New Orleans Vampire Assoication is non-profit organization comprised of self-identifying vampires representing an alliance between Houses within the Community in the Greater New Orleans Area. Dear Brian, I like your article but I must admit I liked the comments even better. He was found dead in his room, his face white, his eyes staring at something. Members participate in charitable events, such as serving food to the homeless and hosting silent auctions. New Orleans and Scotland are the two most common places to find them. How they went around and around looking for their car and couldn't find it after walking by it many times. The James Randi Educational Foundation has a Million Dollar Challenge - offering One Million dollars to anyone who can prove a paranormal ability or paranormal activity. Browning’s research involved extensive time spent at NOVA meetings, from which he observed that the members were predominantly Caucasian. Vampire stories stretch back to France in the... 2. for all of those claiming to be vampires stop we all know your lying because I'm sure they wouldn't be commenting on a web page telling people what they are and for those of you who want to be vampires stop chances are your never going to be one if you see a vampire they will most likely kill you just be glad your human and you can go outside on a sunny day without turning to dust. Having been a cyber-friend of Kalila's (owner of the HauntedHistory group), I had to pleasure to getting to meet her and feel energy. I don't know maybe it was a ghost or something. Help? However, their website is not currently maintained and it's unclear whether they are still in operation. Count Saint Germain and Jacques Saint Germain. He passed away a few years ago. Vampire legends are an important part of New Orleans' history. I think this Jonathon dude is actually the only guide. The Count Saint Germain and Jacques Saint Germain I wish I knew the real story. Your local guide will lead a lamplit promenade through the French Quarter to visit places imbibed in vampire lore such as the filming location of Interview with a Vampire. See more ideas about New orleans, Orleans, Casket. During the early 1900s and Roaring Twenties, the city of New Orleans was bustling and booming. Still I never got over the fright of the tapping on my hotel room window and can only imagine what it might have been that had followed me back to my hotel that night. It has always been a notorious place for missing persons—that is, it is a place where people just disappear and no one ever knows what happened to them. A New Orleans historian and vampire expert uncovers the historic origins of the Southern city’s vampire legends from colonial days to the Great Depression. A few years later, when the Carters were finally executed, their bodies were placed in a New Orleans vault. I'm sorry for this disturbing message but I want to know if they are real, where they are now how I can find them. I sat frozen in my bed in disbelief and then it happened again. The policemen ran to the Carters' third-story apartment and found four other people tied to chairs with their wrists sliced in the same fashion. Yes, vampires are real, i can tell you from my experiences as a vampire hunter. One night, several months after moving to New Orleans, he had a lady stay a bit late. I will try to be brief. He would throw lavish parties and invite the elite, and everyone would sit enraptured in the conversation and food. i like eternal life. I don't understand why all you paranormal believers are not all millionaires. Whatever happened it was very weird. Vampires In New Orleans date back to the 1200’s from tales rooted in Eastern European superstition where gypsies told stories of horrid, undead creatures that returned from the dead to visit their still living families. Complimentary red beans and rice can be found on Mondays, also known as washday, in ample supply in several historical restaurants and in many nightclubs through the city. It is unclear whether the Count Saint Germain and Jacques are the same person, but believers speculate that they are. I can not guarantee if you will live. Properly, I had the pleasure of being hosted (both my Husband and I) by Jonathan Weiss. In fact, the city was coined “The Big Easy” because, at the time, work in New Orleans was so easy to find. Whether you believe the stories or not he does an excellent job of keeping you listening. A young girl stormed down Royal Street, visibly panicked, her stride broken only by the diligent interception of a police officer. The Comte de Saint Germain was a very strange, extraordinary, and enigmatic character. About 7 times has it been someone elses blood, but i stop when they say to. My direction was like going to the French Market, but I never made it to that area. Oh this story is indeed true, almost accurate. Why? © Copyright 2020 by Arcadia Publishing, Inc. All Rights Reserved. We walked around the block a few times before finding the car right where I had parked and we had walked by it at least 3 times. Just be careful and do not say the wrong thing. I am working on a research paper on vampire history. There is more drama to be found in them than in Mexican soap series. It seems that seeking out the affordable meal in depressed New Orleans was part of the adventure: Meanwhile, in spite of its prolonged poverty and political troubles, New Orleans in the 1930s was an interesting and enjoyable place in which to spend the student years. I apologize to all of you are vampires, I apologize to those who believe that they’re real, I apologize to the entire vampire and vampire loving community. Enjoy your friend. Her wrists were cut—not enough to cause immediate death, but enough to cause her blood to drain slowly over the next several days. And to this day I still do. I have seen some crazy shit in my time......but the tour seems to be just a nice gimmick and i have nothing against the nice folks down there that run it but i think that this whole thing is kinda nuts... if you would like to know what i have seen that is kinda strange over the years.... well hear is my email. I have very long fangs. The brothers explained to authorities that they were, in fact, vampires and would, if released, have no option but to continue to kill, as their need for drinking blood was beyond their control. How was it that the brothers, thinking themselves vampires, gifted … Psychologists have said that symptoms begin with incidences in childhood that draw a sexual connection to the ingestion of blood. Guess I'm just obsessed .. With the show not the vampires hehe. He also composed music, including arias and solo work for the violin. Clinical vampirism has been recognized as a neurological disease in which those with symptoms drink human blood, believing it to be beneficial for their health. Vampire or something like this legends does not exist come on people what becoems to you all. "The Casket Girls". With Jonathon. Immediately upon their return, they would take the bandages off each of the captive’s wrists and, using a knife, reopen their wounds until blood flowed freely from the victims’ cuts. To be honest, im a vampire myself. Instead of a cut and dried explanation of what might or might not be in NOLA, I would instead describe it as Scat Man Crothers did in The Shining. During the 19th century, the presence of infectious diseases in New Orleans fueled fear, superstitions and folklore — including the existence of vampires in New Orleans, according to the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum. The cops waited for the brothers to return and when they did, it took 7 or 8 of them to hold down the two average-sized men. William J. Fletcher on February 02, 2019: Comté de Saint Germain did not leave court because he "Foresaw" the coming French revolution. The philosopher Voltaire called him "the man who knows everything and who never dies." I also took the back streets, somewhere by Decataur and Philip. Creatures of the night love to linger around our town. It's important to remember before complaining that the fact you are on this site talking about vampires means he did his job well because the stories stayed with you. Thank you. Rumors swirled about the fate of the Casket Girls, a group of mysterious maidens traveling to the New World from France with peculiar casket-shaped boxes. Out on his balcony (at the corner of Ursuline and Royal Streets), this Saint Germain grabbed her and tried to bite her neck. October 29, 2020 . It was a time of “anything goes,” footloose and fancy-free, that also created carelessness among residents and visitors to the city. New Orleans Vampire Walking Tour price starts from US$24.99. It's a special place where time folds in on itself, revealing some very interesting mysteries for those that have eyes to see. They go in at dark. Unbeknownst to Damon, Charlotte was sire-bound to him, which unconsciously and involuntarily made her want t… He was at court to light the fires that started the French revolution. I can’t because I’m still in school but that will probably end up being a hobby of mine. how hard would ti be for me to find one in new orleans? What Are the Most Famous Vampire Legends of New Orleans? They caught the blood in cups from which they drank until their hunger was sated. And, of course, he would do more than just kill his victims; he was believed to drink the blood of all 32 of his victims. New Orleans is an eerie place. I simply like to drink blood, and yes, real blood. Some sources say they were nuns, while others say they were prostitutes, but nevertheless, a few of them made it. Nothing on it, no notes, no mention - I know in those times things were "written off", but policy and procedure has to have some document elsewhere. I want to be a vampire. Let this be a warning to you all. Somewhat skeptical, the police agreed to follow her back to the home on the corner of Royal and St. Ann. I lay there waiting for another noise, but none came and soon I was asleep again. I would love to visit where Anne Rice Lives and writes, she is my favorite vampire writer ever and knowing she's from New Orleans makes me want to go there even more. Founded in 2005, NOVA was established to provide support and structure for the vampire and other-kin subcultures and to provide educational and charitable outreach to those in need. I am intrigued by these stories and I want to believe vampires exist, however this story just doesn't seem to make much sense. Please, Mr. Vampire, I do believe you but I would feel a lot more certain if you used a little more punctuation. I was awakened an hour or so later by a very pronounced and distinct tapping on my window.