As you can see, zone 2 training does help to improve a myriad of aerobic factors, but you need to spend ample amounts of time working in this zone to reap the benefits. When choosing a Base plan, we've found Sweet Spot Base (SSB) is best for 99% of athletes. I was consistently adding about 6 watts to my FTP/month training this way. It sits at the top of zone 3, right below your functional threshold heart rate or power. It can also be referred to as ‘threshold training’. Over the past few years, the concept of Sweet Spot Training has gained a reputation as being one of the most time effective ways of getting stronger on the bike. (80-90% of FTP) It corresponds to Level 3 in some training manuals. We’re expected to believe that a 12 person sample study proves that polarized > sweet spot training. The idea is that it allows for an ideal balance between time spent training and a high enough level of intensity to cause strong adaptions. My base training last year included 3x1.5-2hr endurance rides with 40min-1hr of sweet spot work (roughly 90%) of my FTP and one 3hr-4hr endurance ride for fun. This plan initiates general fitness gains much faster (can expect FTP increase in 6-8 weeks) And who could forget the ultimate sweet spot training… Sweetspot training is the training intensity that supposedly gives you the best bang for your training time. It breaks away from the most traditional method – periodization. FTP-Based Zones. Even without a powermeter, sweet spot training defines what has worked all along with the old skool approach. Powermeter users just now have data to prove it! The above table helps to really hammer this point home. In this post, we’re going to use a 7-Zone %FTP-based system to characterize SST. Fartleks, motorpacing, “brisk” group rides, and level 3 & 4 intervals all count. I'm trying to figure out if 8-12 weeks of Sweet spot training mixed in with some long Z2 rides would do any good, or if i'd be better off logging more traditional base miles and doing a … Benefits of Sweet Spot Training. As you can see from the above chart, sweet spot is defined as training at the upper Zone 3 / lower Zone 4 between 83-90% of FTP, although there are others that use alternatives ranging from 75% to 97% FTP. At … To me, interval training means doing 3-5 mins @ 110-130% of FTP. Sweet spot training dates back to 2004, when Frank Overton, of Boulder, Colorado–based FasCat Coaching, was just breaking into the business. To me, sweet spot training is riding at a high intensity, a little below race pace. My guess is the TR crew have significantly more data than these studies could ever produce showing the effectiveness of sweet spot training in their subscriber base. Sweet Spot Training, or “SST” for short, is one of the newer methodologies used for structuring training for endurance sports.. Through Sweet Spot work, and a mix of higher intensity work, it allows you to attain sufficient training stress to initiate adaptation in your limited training time. Best used with a power meter, but still doable with heart rate, Sweet Spot Training, or SST, is done by doing intervals at 85 to 93 percent of your Functional Threshold Power (FTP).
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